How do you Open Source?

A collection of questions and ideas to provide details for a "How Do you Open Source" article.

A collection of questions and ideas to provide details for a "How Do you Open Source" article.

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This is just a collection of questions, you may answer when sending your article proposal. You don't need to use all of them. So please keep in mind, this article is about you and your love for Open Source software.


  • What is Open Source about for you?
  • Which Open Source software do you use?
  • Are you working professionally with Open Source software?
  • Do you contribute to Open Source software?
  • What is your favorite Open Source project and why?
  • What do you like/dislike most in Open Source?
  • Do you use Open Source software in your private live?
  • What do you miss in Open Source?
  • What is your favorite mascot, logo, contributor, project lead?


  • Give some background about your background. (professional, enthusiast, beginner, developer, operator, consultant, etc.)
  • Explain why you are doing stuff and why not
  • If you solved a problem with an Open Source tool, this is nice to talk about
  • Don't focus on "experts only" topics, you can also write about LibreOffice or GIMP
  • You can also use a typical workday/week to explain how you are involved in Open Source
  • Explain what motivates you to work with or at Open Source products


Please feel free to share everything you like. This can be screenshots, pictures, social media accounts and everything that connects you with Open Source.


The articles are following a quite simple structure as listed in the below example. Please feel free to use it as a template for your article.

# How do you Open Source - [NAME]

A short headline to describe your passion in one or two sentences.

## Bio

Describe yourself in a short Bio.

## Open Source

Check the questions and ideas and write your text. It is good practice to use the following style:

I am using this and this software. You can have a look at this piece of software at

## Projects

This is an optional section, you can use to point to your personal projects or projects you are involved.

## Conclusion

Finish your article with a conclusion about your involvement in Open Source


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