Project Update - 02/2021 Mar 2, 2021

In February a lot has happened to the While True Do project. New services are online and new groups were created. We also published the first code snippets and started the blog.


In January and February the blog was started and the first articles are online. Below you can find a list of the already published articles. Seems like the planned goal of 1-2 articles per week is ok for now.

I also want to welcome Anton as a new author to the blog. Let's see what he will publish.


Infrastructure wise, we established an auto-updating process for the container deployments. Every Monday 03:00 UTC the containers are updated automatically.

We also fixed some performance regressions, caused by this issue.


Some new and already known projects are getting onboarded, and we will provide further details in dedicated blogs about these.

  • DDOSUG "Dresden OpenSource UserGroup" has gotten a workspace
  • kudos-txt "Express gratitude to your contributors" has started moving
  • Style-Cheat "Just another CSS Framework" has started moving
  • Gerri "self-hosted home, lab and cloud server" was created


We have put a lot of work in the services. Some of the new features can be found in this section.

The application dashboard has only seen some minor adjustments.

  • Some renaming and text adjustments here and there
  • "coming soon" links removed
  • Fixed some typos

The blog is in good shape and some articles are already published.

  • The theme is somewhat settled
  • auto-publish to twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn
  • all diagrams and pictures we created are marked as "CC BY-SA 4.0"

Brand new, the code repository, based on Gitea.

  • Initial release
  • 2fa enabled via TOTP

The hub has seen improvements and new apps.

The mail solution is hosted on fastmail for now.

  • Initial release
  • working for limited users only

Container registry

In addition to our own services, we also have container registries now. You can find these on and Docker hub.

The first container image is already published to the docker registry and the code can be found in the below link.


It was a busy February and I think, we achieved a lot. There is still a lot of infrastructure work to do and the services need a lot of work, too. I am looking forward to the improvements in march.


Daniel Schier

Just a guy doing stuff. Mostly #FLOSS like #Linux, #Ansible, #Podman, #k8s, #Python, #Nextcloud or whatever comes next.