Project Update - 05/2021 Jun 1, 2021

In May, the focus was on moving parts around and fine-tuning minor things. Overall, we are focusing on content creation and code contributions. We were testing some new features for June and July, too.

Let's see what exactly happened in the last month.


The blog is still on track, and I am publishing two articles per week. Most of the very basic topics are covered now. This makes some room for more complex scenarios and new topics.

In May, we published the below articles.

For June, I am planning to tackle topics like Rocky Linux, Docker, more Vagrant and Ansible.


A new category for the update articles is code related and provides a list of major changes in repositories, hosted on

In May, we published the following new repositories.

  • The "templates" organization was created the first repositories are available. It is intended to provide examples, templates and skeletons for other repositories. The first two repositories are now published and ready to be used. The "repo-template" repository is a general purpose template, whereas the "vagrant-templates" repository contains examples for vagrant code.
  • The "style-cheat" organization was created and holds code for Style Cheat. Style Cheat is a sub-project and will contain the CSS framework for now, but is intended to grow into a "design framework" for While True Do.


On the infrastructure side everything works fine. One may say, it is boring, which is a good thing.

But... there was an unexpected downtime after some updates. The reason? I am unable to properly write code, and we need some better integration tests for the load balancing.

But, if the below screenshot describes the result of a downtime, I am open to discuss more unexpected downtimes. Seeing 50% less latency is a nice effect.

Screenshot -


On the services site, we are currently testing 3 things at the same time and all of them are expected to be done in June.

The migration/upgrade to Ghost4 is mostly ready, but this time we want to adjust the theme properly. Some colors are currently off and this is on my agenda. In addition, you will also see the code to deploy the Ghost Service/Blog service on your own. For now, only the theme was updated.

We are currently testing some other code platforms and CI systems. Since we want to maintain fewer services, but provide lots of useful features, we are considering to migrate to GitLab. This will offer a wide variety of new possibilities like:

  • private container registry
  • artifact/binary repo
  • CI/CD integration
  • automatic license checks
  • project/kanban boards for issues
  • static pages from code, similar to GitHub pages

For now, we are testing a setup, and we will provide testing access. In addition, we will have container based CI worker ready in June or July, which can be used for (scheduled) CI/CD jobs.

Nextcloud 21 was quite stable during May, and we will update the production instance in June. All apps are working as expected, and we are looking forward to using some new features, like templates.

The Minecraft server is finally available, for everybody who wants to play with us. Please check out the dedicated page for more information.


The Sub-Projects are getting some more attention lately. Finally, we are moving stuff over from old repositories.


In May, we were contacted from the organizers of "Ansible Anwendertreffen". This lead to an opportunity to talk at the conference. Martin Pietsch and Daniel Schier were able to give a talk about Ansible. This was quite a cool opportunity to get in touch with other professionals. The talks were held in German language.

Martin talked about "Ansible++ - Objektorientierung mit Ansible". You can find the slides here and the code examples here.

Daniel talked about "Ansible + Podman for IoT, Edge and Tinkering" and you can find the slides here and the example code here.

We also published a dedicated blog article for this event.

Style Cheat

Finally, the code for Style Cheat was moved to the new repository. We also updated it and reworked some documentation here and there. You can find the dedicated article for this topic in the blog.

We are now moving the website, too. In addition, a ton of new issues are open, and we are looking forward to addressing them.

The simple, modular and expandable CSS Framework.


We are really happy how things are moving and everything is coming together. Moving stuff to our own locations and going in "content creation mode" feels really nice. With the upcoming features, we can do even more, with less effort.


Daniel Schier

Just a guy doing stuff. Mostly #FLOSS like #Linux, #Ansible, #Podman, #k8s, #Python, #Nextcloud or whatever comes next.