Project Update - 06/2021 Jul 6, 2021

It's summer, but the community is still working on some projects and keeps the wheel spinning. Let's see what happened in June 2021 at While True Do.


The blog is getting some attention. We are still testing the new Ghost 4 update, but it looks promising and will be released this month. In the meantime, we focused on writing.

Let's first check what was written in June.

In July, you may see the first "How do you Open Source?" article. We are working on a new format for some blog posts. We have set up some questions and will present a new interview format. This will also introduce the community members to the readers. Some of the questions that will be answered in these articles are:

  • What does Open Source mean to you?
  • How do you contribute to Open Source software?
  • What is your favorite Open Source project?
  • Are you having your own Open Source project?
  • How can we find you?

We will have a dedicated page/blog for the questions and articles in July.


We are currently testing GitLab as the new platform for code hosting. GitLab provides many cool features, we are interested in, like:

  • Container registry for all our containers
  • Package/Artifact repository for binary builds
  • Continuous Integration, for better testing capabilities
  • Continuous Delivery to build regular new packages and containers
  • Continuous Deployment, which may be used to introduce GitOps to the whole project
  • Static Pages, which may be used for some sub-projects
  • Role Based Access Control, which may be nice for public contributors

We will keep you updated as soon as the beta is ready for public use.


The infrastructure has not seen a lot of attention, since we are currently working on a transition to Kubernetes. The background here is quite simple: We want to fully focus on container workflows. We will use k3s for our cluster and the code for the initial setup will be ready in July.

Since updates are happening automatically, there is not a lot of maintenance. This is saving us some time, which can be invested in better infrastructure documentation and new projects.


With the changes currently happening at freenode, we thought about new channels, too. We moved the IRC to (#whiletruedo) and will be happy to see you over there. This will also mean some improvements for our infrastructure. We are working on a Telegram bridge and a public Bouncer for IRC users.

The web page and many old links to the channels needs to be updated, which will be done in July.

We are also working on some new Styling and Logo for While True Do. I hope to show you something in the next 2 weeks or so.

Sub Projects

Migrations are happening in the background, and we are also working on some new things for DDOSUG.


In June, we had another Meetup. This time we had a look at Jenkins. Daniel Horn from the AG was introducing the Jenkins Template Engine. You can find the recording on YouTube, already. Some slides are also present now in our repository.

Additionally, we are working on the new website. Some tasks are already done.

  • register domain
  • register domain
  • forward domains to the blog page about DDOSUG

We are currently working on the website. If you want to follow the development, you can find the current state at and the code is hosted here.

Lastly, we updated the Telegram channel with a new Anti Spam bot. He will prevent unwanted spam from other bots and malicious behavior.


The Gerri project is also seeing some more attention and the code has seen new changes. The below is a short list of some development we have done.

  • chronyd is configured now
  • passwordless sudo is introduced
  • usbguard has some initial rules now
  • snmpd is now available (optional)
  • tuned has seen some improvements, too

You can follow the development here.


In June, we focused on Kubernetes as our new infrastructure and GitLab as our new code hosting platform. We also put a lot o work in the DDOSUG website and Gerri is slowly maturing.

Let's see what can be achieved in July.


Daniel Schier

Just a guy doing stuff. Mostly #FLOSS like #Linux, #Ansible, #Podman, #k8s, #Python, #Nextcloud or whatever comes next.