Project Update - 07/2021 Aug 6, 2021

July is already over and here is our monthly update. Let's see what changed and happened the last month in While True Do.


The blog has seen some very nice articles, and we are now heading into more complex tutorials. The basics are mostly covered. Due to vacation time and my job change, I was not able to stay with 2 articles per week, but I am looking forward to getting this fixed in August.

Let's review the articles.

The forecast for August seems quite promising. I have planned some more Ansible articles and also want to start with some Kubernetes topics. As always, please feel free to send feedback to me via mail.


On the infrastructure side, there not much to see. The regular updates happened and everything is settled. Nevertheless, we are working on the new Kubernetes setup, which will also introduce a fully automated git-ops approach for the infrastructure.

I have this and this repository for now, where you can follow along, if you want so.


Service wise, there also just the regular updates and upgrades. For August, I am also planning to update the blog finally to Ghost 4.0 and introduce the new theme.

Most of the time is currently going into the Kubernetes migration, though. Ah, and the Minecraft Server is also updated. You can have a look at the current settings here.


For the sub-projects, we mostly put our effort into the Dresden OpenSource UserGroup.


The new website is finally live and can be found via and We are also having new mail addresses for the group and updated the social media channels. A new protection bot was introduced to the telegram channel, too.


In July, it seems like nothing happened, but setting up the DDOSUG site and the work we are putting into the new Kubernetes cluster should not be underestimated.

If you want to know more about the community work or support us. Please feel free to reach out via


Daniel Schier

Just a guy doing stuff. Mostly #FLOSS like #Linux, #Ansible, #Podman, #k8s, #Python, #Nextcloud or whatever comes next.