Project Update - 08/2021 Aug 31, 2021

We are back from vacation! Everybody needs some time to relax and chill, so did we. Nevertheless, if you really like to do something, you cannot stop working on it. Let's see what was achieved in August.


Let's add a new section to talk a bit about the team first.

Vacation Time

I opted to stay in Germany, due to COVID-19 and was visiting Wernigerode. It's a wonderful small town with lots of older buildings. Most houses do have heavy, visible timbering and are quite old. There is also a castle, which I visited.

During my vacation, I started to write the first article for a new series, "Basics". This series will introduce some Open Source software and demonstrate how it can be used to do typical work tasks like photo editing, document writing, spreadsheets, presentations, coding and more.

New Job

I am also starting a new Job in September at Wandelbots. The company is developing a no-code/low-code solution for robots. I am thrilled to get in touch with the people, learn some new stuff and support the team wherever I can. At least, you can expect more robotic related projects and articles in the future.


The blog has not seen any updates in August, but I was able to publish another article "Auto-updating podman containers with systemd" over at Fedora Magazine. Please feel free to give it a read and comment, if you like.

In addition, I updated the automatic messages for Twitter, LinkedIn and Co. We are also looking into getting some improvements for social media going. Dedicated and well maintained social media channels are a thing, I want to solve soon.

For September, I already have a good idea, what I want to write about. I hope you like the stuff. As always, please feel free to suggest new topics, provide feedback or just in touch via


As you may be aware, we are moving to a Kubernetes based setup. Therefore, I am already playing around with some instances and getting the code in shape for the move.

It would have been easier to just order some managed Kubernetes like AKS or EKS. But we want to allow you to reproduce the setup on your notebook, a Raspberry Pi or some older hardware. Therefore, we opted to do everything. I hope, that you can be just a bit more patient until it's done.


Nothing really happened here. We updated some services and there was another issue with the LDAP setup (based on 389-ds). Since most of the stuff auto-updates, there is no special attention needed.

The migrations to GitLab, Ghost 4.0 and Nextcloud 22/23 are delayed to have some more time and work on the Kubernetes infrastructure.


There is not a lot that is visible, but we are coordinating some stuff.

Dresden OpenSource UserGroup

In August, we had a thrilling meetup (together with the Ansible Meetup Dresden). Christian Jung from Red Hat joined us and explained how Ansible changed in the last year. You can expect the upload of the video in the next couple of days.

We are re-organizing the content we want to provide via the OpenSource UserGroup. In the future, you may see a bit less of DevOps, but more Open Source.

The forecast for the next weeks/months is also quite awesome.

  • Meetup about IoT/SoC in September
  • Participation at DecompileD (dedicated article will follow)
  • Meetup about systemd in October
  • "Open Source + Education" event day in November

Lastly, I am reaching out to people to get some additional help. I hope, we can grow the team and provide better and more frequent content in 2022.

Ansible Meetup Dresden

Maybe you aren't aware, that this meetup is also maintained by us. I am again getting in touch with the current owner of the meetup and hoping to see some movement here. It is planned to get the Meetup in shape for 2022. This also means some new graphics, regular meetups and a dedicated web page for it.

Please find the current information about Ansible Meetup Dresden here.


As you can see, even in vacation, we cannot stand still. I think, that's the problem if you really love to do something. You are getting addicted to it ^^

I am thrilled and heavily motivated to get some more stuff done in September and see what we can do.


Daniel Schier

Just a guy doing stuff. Mostly #FLOSS like #Linux, #Ansible, #Podman, #k8s, #Python, #Nextcloud or whatever comes next.