Do you want to start with something new? Taking a course, reading another blog or watching a video might be something that helps. Over the past years, I have taken hundreds of courses and had a look at many sources. Below, I want to share some content that I find particular useful.

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Do you want to start with something new? Blog articles are the major source of information for me. I get a lot of inspiration from these. Occasionally, you might find references in my articles, too.

And, in case you know more blogs that might be interesting for me, please feel free to share them via or any other contact option.

Organizations and Magazines

Professional magazines and projects provide a lot of news, sometimes good guides and mostly inspirations for topics, I want to tackle in the future.

Fedora Magazine
Guides, information, and news about the Fedora operating system for users, developers, system administrators, and community members.
The official Red Hat blog
Get the latest information about our ecosystem of customers, partners, and communities.
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FOSS Post: Open Source Post
Open source stories, news, articles, tutorials, analysis and opinion pieces from top experts in the industry, with an independent editorial line.

Personal blogs

Many cool, odd, nerdy and often exciting articles are coming from personal blog pages and smaller projects.

I teach creative Automation DevOps, Cloud Engineer, System Administrator, and IT Professional to succeed with Ansible Technology to automate more things everyday.
I teach creative Automation DevOps, helping Cloud Engineers, System Administrators, and IT professionals with Ansible Technology to automate more things successfully every day.
A technical blog about Rust, Linux, FOSS and Self-Hosting - Self-hosted content and software
A place dedicated to all things self-hosted (and open source, when possible).
Blog | Jeff Geerling
Felix Häcker – Just another development blog
ads’ corner | Andreas ‘ads’ Scherbaum
Blog | Markus Gärtner | Software Testing, Craft, Leadership and beyond

Project & Development blogs

Some projects have their own blog, if not covered by one of the professional blogs already.

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Podman Blog

GNOME Shell & Mutter
Ansible Blog |
The official blog for Ansible by Red Hat and the Ansible open source project.
Latest Nextcloud news, blog and updates
Stay up to date with what is going on in and around Nextcloud, the latest news, blog, updates and new features information 📰
An Open Source, community owned and governed, forever-free enterprise Linux distribution.