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Connecting with like-minded people, supporting each other and learning from another is a pleasure for me. You can find me on conferences, meetups and other community events. Below, I have listed some of them.

In case I am giving talks at these occasions on my own, you will find the presentation content in my presentation repository, too.

Meetups & User Groups

Some groups that should be considered.

DevOps Saxony is a local Meetup that provides insights into DevOps culture, processes, and technology. I created it together with other DevOps enthusiasts, and maybe it will help us to get into a better DevOps community in Dresden.

The Dresden OpenSource UserGroup is a small community, gathered around the Open Source idea and therefore having on-site meetups to discuss our Open Source tools.

The Ansible Meetup Dresden is one of my oldest meetups. Originally, I founded it because I wanted to get engaged with the community. Today, this is still one of my biggest motivations to even take part in or create Meetups.

The Kubernetes and Cloud Native Group Dresden is pretty new to my responsibilities. The original creators thought it might be a good idea if I continue the group. Well, here we are, and I try to do my best with it.

The KI Netzwerk Dresden (AI network Dresden) is a meetup / user group of AI users, professionals, and enthusiasts. You can find interesting talks about AI studies and use cases here.

The Agile Dresden group is a gathering of agile enthusiasts, scrum masters and coaches alike. We discuss methodologies, new work modes and issues we might have in an agile work culture.


These are some conferences, I take part on a regular basis.

Tux Tage is an online event, all around Linux and Open Source. On a yearly schedule, you can connect with others, learn about FOSS and get in touch with some contributors. On YouTube, you can also listen to previous talks.

CLT or Chemnitzer Linux Tage (Chemnitz Linux Days) is one of the largest Open Source events in Germany. Hundreds of lectures, community presentations and workshops are waiting for you. Every year in March/April, you can connect with professionals, enthusiasts, meet community members or learn about FOSS tools.

The DecompileD is a super nice developer conference, where you can meet people from all around Dresden or the world. There is a reason why Dresden is called the "Silicon Saxony". Here you can get in touch with Start-Ups, developers from well-known IT companies and connect with speakers from Google, AWS, or other giants.